About us

Our History

At Carronvale Timber Frame we are proud to be pioneers in timber frame construction. We have been designing and supplying timber frame buildings for almost 45 years and are one of Scotland’s leading suppliers of timber frame structures. We have extensive expertise in the design, manufacture and erection of timber frame from private housing to multi-storey buildings.

In 1977 Carronvale Building Company built its timber frame house in Cumbernauld and quickly adopted it as their main method of construction. Since then we have developed our expertise in this environmentally friendly construction method for clients throughout Scotland.

Our Products

Our main products are a range of timber frame panels and roof systems that come together to form the timber frame structure. We can also provide full house kits and supply floor cassettes that have been pre-formed off-site and craned positioned to save time in the construction phase. We pride ourselves on our flexible, customer centric approach, based on value engineering and drawing on over 40 years of experience. With Carronvale Timber Frame our clients have the peace of mind that comes from working with one of the industry leaders in Scotland.

Using highly experienced professionals, skilled tradesmen and modern fabrication methods, Carronvale provides a full service from feasibility to delivery. Architectural, detail and component drawings, materials schedules and contract programmes, based on fixed price quotations are integral part of the service. We liaise with your architect and engineering teams directly and our design engineers create a timber frame CAD model which works directly with our computer driven manufacturing production process. On site our erection joiners quickly and skilfully erect the timber frame.

Our Values

We take a values led approach, working in partnership with clients to deliver the most efficient, cost effective and high quality solutions.

At Carronvale Timber Frame we are committed to delivering the most environmentally friendly solution to construction. We provide an accredited Chain of Custody that tracks the path our timber products take; all our timber is sourced from sustainably managed forests, audited for their environmentally approved practices. Timber frame buildings typically consumer 30% less energy making timber frame the most efficient construction method. It provides unrivalled benefits in terms of speed of construction, simplicity and adaptability, reducing wastage, avoiding construction delays and improving cashflow. Health and Safety is integral to our service: we have an excellent track record and are renowned for our safe working practices, on and off site.

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